Mikko Ikäheimo - Guitarist, Luthist


"Mikko Ikäheimo’s guitar playing is marked by its technical facility. He not only has a flawless virtuoso technique, but above all his playing exudes a desire and ability to find and bring out new colours and sound worlds from his instrument."
-Mikael Kosk, Hufvudstadsbladet

"MI emerged as a relaxed yet commanding performer, whose gentle caressing of the strings disguises a capacity to release considerable dynamic force when needed...an outstanding debut from a mature young guitarist."
-Paul Fowler, The Classical Guitar Magazine

"The playing of the Helsinki Guitar Duo is a treat throughout. Their musicianship is outstanding"
-A.Jones/Classical Guitar Magazine

"His musical sincerity and unostentatious, yet compelling stage manner, succeeded in drawing the listener in towards him...Throughout this recital Ikäheimo was always aware of the musical line and contours of each work..."
-Manus Carey, Musical Opinion

"Chosen with impeccable taste, the repertoire offers the listener both edge and enjoyment. The Helsinki Guitar Duo plays with sensitivity and precision. I never fail to be enchanted by the guitar’s broad sound palette, and in this duo it seems to be raised to the power of two."
-K. Eskola/YLE on the Helsinki Guitar duo CD Everything but the City

"The Helsinki Guitar Duo  plays with bravura and precision."
-F. Biraghi/ Il Fronimo nr. 139, 7.2007

"The playing of the Helsinki Guitar Duo brings forward the deeper layers of the music they play and is at the same time clear and precise. Their sound has a certain nordic aspect."
-Gendai Guitar Magazine